Nassau Community College: Improving Student Mobile Experiences

>>Nassau Community College: Improving Student Mobile Experiences

Nassau Community College: Improving Student Mobile Experiences

Schools that focus on creating great student mobile experiences  – that is, paying more attention to the needs of the end-users rather than the app itself – end up creating apps that earn broad student acceptance.

The IT team at Nassau Community College, a 20,000- student two-year school on New York’s Long Island, was even more explicit about their goals for the school’s mobile app. They focused not only on improving their students’ experiences, but specifically on delivering a great mobile experience to students.

Maryam Mizra, the school’s IT Manager, explains, “We knew our app had to be different from the website or the portal, because you can put a lot more information in a website or portal. We wanted to keep our app very streamlined, and very focused.”

“Our students live on their mobile devices,” Mizra continues. “We want to reach them there, and get them engaged. We want the information to come to them and be personalized for them, instead of them having to search for the information they need.”

Externally, Mizra and her team had to find a partner that was in tune with their goals, and could help them create an app that would deliver on them. They chose DubLabs, for two primary reasons.

Managing Expectations with Student Mobile Experiences

Internally, the team worked hard to educate the college’s other departments about their priorities for the app, and specifically what kind of content was and was not appropriate for a small-screen device that students use constantly, and very personally.

They conducted numerous presentations for different departments and employee teams, consistently emphasizing their student-centric approach. And they were clear about limiting content that could be customized to each student’s experiences, as opposed to providing access to all the information available on the school’s website.

Mizra counts this work as one of the most important take-aways for schools that are considering a mobile app. “That’s something I would strongly recommend, setting expectations up front when you’re going with a mobile app.” Learn more about what Nassau’s app does, and doesn’t, do.

Her team at Nassau was successful in delivering a student-focused, personalized app, with integrations to the SIS and LMS among other school systems.

And students have responded. In less than three months they had completed more than 400,000 activities in the app – because the solution meets their expectations and their needs.

Learn more about Nassau Community College’s successful mobile strategy – and how their app is transforming student experiences. Check out our on-demand webinar with Maryam Mizra.

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