Personalizing the student mobile experience

Today’s customer-centric, mobile-first students expect on-demand, personalized mobile experiences, not just more college mobile apps.

Popular solutions like Uber, bank apps and more have transformed expectations about mobile engagement by simplifying the user experience.

DubLabs gives you the power to offer this kind of personalized, student centric approach to improve student experiences and drive student success through natively-integrated mobile apps for colleges and universities.

Here are several examples of students engaging with campus mobile app features available only from DubLabs.

Badges, Personalized Notifications, Student Dashboard and the iOS® Today Widget®​​

A college mobile app that does the work for me

I know when there’s something new. If it’s a grade or a course discussion, an upcoming football game or an assignment deadline, personalized push notifications, my personal Dashboard, the Today widget and app badges all keep me on track.

No more searching the portal!

Course information and enrollment in one view

The Courses feature  lets me see everything I need from my school’s SIS and LMS in one place; my schedule, assignments, grades, class discussions, announcements and roster.

I can easily register for classes in just a few simple clicks and purchase required course material and textbooks.

Course Search, Details, Enrollment and Buy Books​

Notification Management and Targeted Push Notifications​

A way to manage my messages (finally!)

I get so many emails, I’ve stopped reading them. Personalized push notifications allow me to organize my messages and take action. My holds, bills, course discussions, assignments, new grades, financial aid updates, campus activities and more are all targeted, organized and easy to manage.

Handle my campus business easily.

I always forget to check the portal for Holds, To Dos and overdue bills. My app alerts me whenever there’s a change and lets me easily view, take action, pay my bills and fix any account issues. It’s so much easier to just check and respond from my mobile phone or tablet.

Financial Aid, Bursar and Holds

And a college mobile app that knows campus life is not all business.

From bus routes to study groups to the next game, I see everything I need and want from my campus experience, all in one place. And the cool part? One click can add them to my calendar, so I don’t miss those “can’t-miss” events.

Popular Campus Mobile App Features

Although each institution is different and each student unique, students use the following campus app features most frequently:

  • Courses
  • Course announcements
  • Course details
  • Course assignments
  • Grades
  • Class roster
  • Course discussions
  • Enrollment
  • Personalized Notifications
  • Directory
  • Campus Events
  • News

Campus mobile app use is focused on those capabilities that improves student experiences and help them to succeed.

The capabilities of your campus mobile app are limited only by your imagination. However, schools have added many interesting features that have done well in engaging students.

  • Bursar and payment gateway integrations
  • Financial aid
  • Embedded email access
  • Course feedback
  • Orientation schedule
  • Social media
  • Student government information
  • Live bus tracking and parking availability
  • Laundry information
  • Available resources (computers, meeting rooms and more)

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