University apps for students

Give today’s students what they need to succeed.

Most university mobile apps are built by the school, for the school, focusing less on students’ daily needs and more on the number of features that can be squeezed into a small screen.

Students overwhelmingly want quick access to important academic updates, more personalized notifications, and a better way to communicate so they can keep track of what’s important to them.

With a familiar, dynamic feed-based interface, two-way chat, personalized notifications and easy access to course content, DubLabs lets you give students a productivity tool they can rely on to stay on track.

And when students stay on track, they succeed.

Students’ Top Mobile Needs

My favorite productivity tool

The news feed has all my personal updates in one place without having to click everywhere. If it’s a grade or a course discussion, an advisor appointment, outstanding bill, account hold, waitlist status change, or an upcoming football game.

All my updates are right in front of me.

college mobile apps feed view
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Two-way communication

Lines. I could do without them. Instead of spending time waiting for an answer from the bursar, registrar, IT support and more, I use the Chat feature to get answers quickly. (And departments don’t change their processes – responding to Chat through email).

College mobile apps chat
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Everything I need in one view

My Dashboard lets me see course updates from my school’s SIS and LMS in one place. And I can tell what’s new for my schedule, assignments, grades, class discussions, announcements, and roster.

Mobile app dashboard
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The best way to reach me

I get so many emails, I’ve stopped reading them. Personalized push notifications allow me to organize my messages and take action. My holds, bills, course discussions, assignments, new grades, financial aid updates, campus activities and more are all targeted, organized and easy to manage.

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