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Rethinking campus app strategies

The old approach to mobile


Launch an integrated,
secure mobile application


Build an app overloaded with
features to meet everyone’s needs


minimal student app use

It’s time to rethink your mobile strategy, because launching an app is no longer enough. You need a solution that meets your technical and security requirements, your institution’s goals, and (most importantly) student needs.

The new approach to mobile

app management portal and infrastructure

DubLabs’ SaaS mobile platform consists of a branded campus mobile application;
native integrations to your SIS, LMS, CRM and more; an app management portal
to customize and manage content and design; a framework to add, build and update features;
and detailed app analytics, all in a secure environment.

Think of us as the Swiss Army knife of mobile platforms.



DubLabs-built, implements and manages integrations to your SIS, LMS, CRM, and other systems using web services and APIs for real-time updates. No 3rd party vendors, redirects to web pages, or data file extracts.



DubLabs’ App Management Portal allows you to easily manage and customize the design, branding, and app content, as well as add/build new native and mobile web features. You can even delegate app admin roles to different campus departments and users.



The DubLabs integration server resides within Amazon in DubLabs’ virtual private cloud. The Mobile Client relies on a secure HTTPS communication channel to the DubLabs Integration Server for authentication. A hashed user ID and password are sent in the HTTP header for every private request to the server, allowing the server to securely determine the requester and filter responses.



Measure results and view detailed app analytics within the App Management Portal.

The value of integrating SIS, LMS and other systems


Hear from several schools about how their students rely on the systems integrations in their campus mobile apps.

What do students need most from their campus mobile app?

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Track Academics


Personalized Notifications


Communicate with Schools

Success stories from some of our 150+ schools

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