A managed, integrated and secure campus mobile solution

DubLabs’ managed solution consists of a branded campus mobile application, native integrations to your SIS, LMS and more, and an app management portal to customize content, design and add features. Native integration technology, Single Sign-On and security features make the DubLabs platform stand apart.

A Managed Solution

Your team’s plate is already full. Adding native mobile development, design, user experience expertise, SIS, LMS and other system integrations and new feature development at the speed of student needs on mobile is a whole new plate.

Only DubLabs has expertise in both mobile development and system integrations. We build, manage, implement, and update required integrations for you (no 3rd party solutions or partners).

The App Management Portal allows you to customize the design, branding, features, and content for your mobile app. Once the app is live, you can track usage details through the Portal’s robust analytics tool.

As part of the managed solution, we handle submission of your app to the stores. We also make sure your app is up-to-date on the latest mobile operating systems prior to new version releases on iOS® and Android®.

Native integrations with your SIS, LMS, and more

An authentically mobile experience is only possible with native integrations (using back-end system web services and APIs) to extract key information and present it in an intuitive mobile interface. This means that your campus mobile app will be able to push personalized information to each student and make it easy for them to act on it:

  • Upcoming assignments and grades
  • Course discussions
  • Account holds
  • Financial aid offers
  • Course Enrollment
  • Overdue bills
  • And more

Security, user authentication and single sign-on

A secure environment is important when dealing with sensitive data. DubLabs uses several methods to authenticate the user to the app, as well as secure data as it’s sent from your enterprise systems to the mobile client.

The mobile client authenticates with the DubLabs Integration Server using secure HTTPS tunneling. An encoded user ID and password are sent for every private request to the server, allowing the server to securely determine the requester and filter responses appropriately.

In addition, DubLabs offers two-factor authentication, if required, and it’s tied into your single sign on for the mobile client.

native mobile integrations

Experience DubLabs with a demo

Now that you can see how mobile can affect the student experience, we would like to invite you to learn more about DubLabs firsthand.

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