Coming Together for Student Success: DubLabs and OOHLALA Mobile Join Forces

>>Coming Together for Student Success: DubLabs and OOHLALA Mobile Join Forces

Coming Together for Student Success: DubLabs and OOHLALA Mobile Join Forces

OOHLALA Mobile and DubLabs, the leading mobile platforms for student engagement and retention in higher education, today announced that the businesses have merged. The combined company brings together two industry leaders currently serving hundreds of colleges and universities across North America and around the world to create the most comprehensive platform for improving  the student experience both in and out of the classroom, and facilitating better communication between students, faculty, and staff. The company’s management team is comprised of leaders from both DubLabs and OOHLALA Mobile, led by CEO Danial Jameel, Co-Founder of OOHLALA, and Chief Strategy Officer Chris Hopkinson, Co-Founder of DubLabs.

Today, colleges and universities are increasingly turning to the smartphone — which most students rely on as their primary means of communication — to support campus-wide efforts to increase engagement and improve outcomes. The past year has seen accelerating engagement with college mobile platforms. In 2017, nearly 9 out of 10 freshmen students at OOHLALA partner institutions engaged with their campus via the app. DubLabs’ partner institutions have seen up to 95% of their students engage with the platform on a monthly basis.

“Mobile technology allows universities to reach students where they are, and benefit from rich analytics that help institutional leaders deliver better student support,” said Danial Jameel, CEO of the combined company. “DubLabs’ unmatched integrations with academic systems like the SIS and LMS, coupled with our work to connect students to important non-academic resources, create a unique institution-wide solution to support students both within and outside the classroom.”

The combined solution will offer schools more system integrations, better student communication tools, and smart data analytics to help improve student engagement, communication and success.

OOHLALA campus apps use native mobile technology, including targeted alerts and personalization, to help students navigate campus life, manage their academic responsibilities, and communicate with peers and faculty. Faculty and staff have access to data dashboards that provide insight into event participation and help institutional leaders improve student services. DubLabs-built apps integrate with learning management systems and student information systems in order to help students more easily track course assignments, class discussions, and grades, as well as important student account management like tuition payments and account holds.

“Schools sometimes simply check the box when it comes to building a campus app. Students don’t need another app on their phone; this is an opportunity to meet students where they are with the information they need,” said Tony Orlando of DubLabs. “We collectively see an opportunity to provide schools with a mobile solution that’s purposely built to engage and help students.”

For more information, visit the OOHLALA website or read the message from the CEO on the OOHLALA blog.


OOHLALA, founded by student affairs professionals, builds mobile apps for higher education institutions to aff­ect and improve the student experience. The platform is designed to support student success by unifying campus resources – LMS, co-curricular, athletics, clubs/orgs, events and many more – within a branded, integrated, college app. Over 200 institutions have joined the OOHLALA-family, connecting hundreds of thousands of students with their administrators, their campus, and most importantly, their peers.

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