Five Steps to a Five Star Mobile Strategy

>>Five Steps to a Five Star Mobile Strategy

Five Steps to a Five Star Mobile Strategy

In their annual IT round up, Bridgewater State University (BSU) shared their recent successful reassessment of their mobile app. In the article “2.0 Deserves 5-Star Rating,” contributed by freelance author Karen Booth, BSU outlines the approach they took for implementing a five star mobile strategy.

First – Collaborate

The initial mobile app launched to positive feedback, but students were interested in more. A small team from Student Affairs and Web Development joined forces to understand what students wanted, how the app would look and what did students need to access from the app.

Second – Incorporate Feedback

The new mobile app includes 21 services vs. the previous app’s 9 services. The look has improved and it’s easy to use. In addition to maps and events, the BSU Mobile 2.0 allows students to shop the bookstore, access catalogs, and the most frequently used feature, the Courses module.

Third – Build the Mobile Experience

BSU worked with DubLabs to create the mobile app that their stakeholders had envisioned. Their Web Development team implemented the design and functionalities. One feature that has been very well received is that individual students can reorganize elements within the app to better meet their specific needs – making it a truly personalized experience.

Fourth – Roll Out the App

Word of mouth got the process started, and working with additional groups to promote the app drove adoption. Between social media, posters and more, BSU Mobile downloads topped 6,579 – more than 50% of enrolled students – in less than three months after the launch of the version 2.0 app.

Fifth – Refine and Optimize

The technical team knows that continuing to strengthen engagement requires ongoing review and tweaks to BSU Mobile.  They continue to respond to feedback and add functionality.

The Five Star Mobile Strategy

With more than 300 reviews from iOS and Android users, as of this writing their mobile app has an average rating of more than 4.5 stars – and improving.

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