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DubLabs Technology

DubLabs’ SaaS mobile platform consists of a branded campus mobile application, native integrations to your SIS, LMS , CRM and more, an app management portal to customize and manage content and design, framework to add, build and update features and detailed app analytics.


The App Management Portal allows you to customize the design, branding, features, and content for your mobile app, as well as build new native app and mobile web features. With user roles, you can manage access to the App Management Portal based on specific requirements.

  • Organize app features with drag and drop simplicity
  • Easily include existing feeds for events, sports and more
  • Create event pages to feature in your app
  • Share a test version of your app to get feedback before updates go live
Campus Mobile App Builder


Native integrations with your SIS, LMS, and more mean that students can quickly access important academic information when they need it. DubLabs built, implements and manages integrations to your SIS, LMS, CRM and other systems using back-end system web services and APIs for real-time updates.

We believe these integrations are as important as the mobile app itself. Owning and managing them allows us to create the best user experience for students, driving higher app engagement. No 3rd parties, redirects to web pages, data file extracts or other confusing and non-user friendly experiences.

Easy to manage

Only DubLabs has expertise in both mobile development and system integrations. We build, manage, implement, and update required integrations for you (no 3rd party solutions or partners). As part of the managed solution, we handle submission of your app to the stores. We also make sure your app is up-to-date on the latest mobile operating systems prior to new version releases on iOS® and Android®.


A secure environment is important when dealing with sensitive data. DubLabs uses several methods to authenticate the user to the app, as well as secure data as it’s sent from your enterprise systems to the mobile client.

The mobile client authenticates with the DubLabs Integration Server using secure HTTPS tunneling. An encoded user ID and password are sent for every private request to the server, allowing the server to securely determine the requester and filter responses appropriately.

In addition, DubLabs offers two-factor authentication, if required, and it’s tied into your single sign on (LDAP/AD, SIS, CAS, SAML, ADFS & Shibboleth) for the mobile client.

secure mobile app


Easy to use reporting capabilities in the App Management Portal help you understand how students are using the mobile app. Easy to access reporting available for:

  • App downloads
  • App visits, unique visits, sessions and activities
  • Module and function use
  • App store reviews and comments
  • Notifications, Chat users and more