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Student success should be the center of any mobile strategy. These posts talk about how to focus mobile initiatives on student success.

Student communications – what EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues missed

At DubLabs, we are not only members of EDUCAUSE, we are fans. We support and admire their mission and appreciate their work. We have cited articles from their website many times in these blog posts. But we believe this year’s [...]

For student communication, email Is not getting through

Our recent survey of students at more 300 colleges and universities about campus mobile apps revealed a strong interest in schools improving student communication. In fact, students ranked different communication tools as second, third and fourth in importance in a [...]

How does student mobile experience translate to student engagement?

The buzzword ‘The Student Experience’ encompasses many aspects of academic and intellectual development; social and emotional life; and growth and refinement of cultural, political, sports and artistic interests. In Higher Education, academics is central to the student experience, which can [...]

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Student engagement app – UX is the key

The success of any student engagement app is based on a number of factors. However, what ultimately defines the value of any app is ease-of-use. For millennials, mobile device usage has become second nature, and they are experts at home [...]

Nassau Community College: Improving Student Mobile Experiences

Schools that focus on creating great student mobile experiences  – that is, paying more attention to the needs of the end-users rather than the app itself – end up creating apps that earn broad student acceptance. The IT team at [...]

Mobile apps for higher education that increase student engagement

Millennials are addicted to mobile technology, smart devices and apps, relying on them for communication, entertainment, navigation, banking, transportation; and the list goes on. Although Higher Ed institutions are looking beyond traditional communications methods, many haven’t developed a mobile strategy [...]

How mobile can enhance the student experience through micro-moments

Mobility is transforming end-user experiences in unprecedented ways. With increased mobile proliferation, higher education institutions are able to drive greater engagement by harnessing the power of mobile technology to enhance the student experience. Millennials and post millennials see this transformative [...]

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