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Higher ed mobile technology requirements are unique from other types of mobile experiences. These posts help frame what the unique challenges are for leaders responsible for higher ed mobile technology.

Coming Together for Student Success: DubLabs and OOHLALA Mobile Join Forces

OOHLALA Mobile and DubLabs, the leading mobile platforms for student engagement and retention in higher education, today announced that the businesses have merged. The combined company brings together two industry leaders currently serving hundreds of colleges and universities across North [...]

Student engagement app – UX is the key

The success of any student engagement app is based on a number of factors. However, what ultimately defines the value of any app is ease-of-use. For millennials, mobile device usage has become second nature, and they are experts at home [...]

University mobility should be central in enterprise integration initiatives

Colleges and universities all over the country are launching enterprise-level student success initiatives, and often don’t consider the role of university mobility as a piece of the puzzle. The objective of success initiatives is to improve student retention and to [...]

Increase student mobile engagement with these push notification best practices

DubLabs introduced a push notification service that integrates data from a university’s student information system (SIS), learning management system (LMS) to provide simple access to actionable information. Here you’ll learn why push notifications are effective, and how they can be [...]

Mobile Experience Success: How Higher Education Can Capitalize on the Lessons from Banking

Thanks to advances in native applications and system integrations, mobile solutions have transformed banking into a simple, efficient mobile experience. Higher education institutions can learn from the success of banking mobile apps to take student engagement and success to the next [...]

Rethink How You Personalize the Student Mobile Experience

A recent column appeared in eCampus News about how personalization is driving the future of higher education technology, especially for the student mobile experience. Despite the depth of personalization in other industry sectors, most technology in higher ed still operates [...]

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