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>>Campus App Engagement

Campus app engagement is the measure of success for any campus mobile strategy. See considerations for measuring engagement as an important component of campus mobile strategy. These posts talk about what campus app engagement analytics, and how to use them to optimize mobile experiences.

DubLabs Reports that 93% of Student Campus Mobile App Usage Focused on Two Needs

Based on campus mobile app usage from over 1 million students, it is clear that they are less interested in campus life activities, that today dominate most schools’ campus apps FALLS CHURCH, VA. DubLabs LLC, the leading provider of integrated campus [...]

Community college mobile apps and why they matter

This is the first of two posts focusing on community college mobile apps and the students they serve. A recent post on Educause argues that community college mobile apps – integrated with campus systems to allow students to check assignments [...]

DubLabs institutions see student engagement up by 218%

Student engagement apps are spreading across college campuses. While most schools have at least one app, some have far more (we counted 14 at one large state school). What’s yet to spread is actual student adoption of these apps. Students [...]

What are a million students doing right now? The fall semester campus mobile app download numbers are in!

DubLabs is in a unique position to observe trends in the ways schools use campus mobile app to engage students – and how students are responding. They are responding with record numbers of campus mobile app downloads. As the developers of [...]

BSU – Mobile engagement for the right reasons

Mobile engagement is easy to understand - what percentage of students use the app and care enough to review it in the stores. Additionally, the number of reviews, recency and overall app store star rating are also good indicators. Since it's difficult [...]

How do Students Engage with Campus Apps Over Time? Early Semester Edition.

As most DubLabs' clients will tell you, students engage with academics in campus apps, primarily within the Courses module. The Courses module pulls information from the Student Information and Learning Management Systems, combining it to provide a robust picture of [...]

Using Mobile App Analytics: 3 Magic Data Sets to Know

I was recently asked what the best approach for understanding and using mobile app analytics, which are provided in DubLabs' App Management Portal (AMP). With quick access to data it's often easy to base your understanding purely on the numbers, without doing [...]

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