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Project Description

nassau community college

Nassau County Community College

  • 20,000 Students

  • 2-year college

DubLabs strategy stood out. It wasn’t just ‘give them student mobile app for the sake of an app.’ It was to focus on the student experience, and make sure students can get something from the app that’s different from the website or portal.

Maryam Mizra, IT Manager

Nassau Community College Focuses on Student Engagement with Mobile App

Nassau Community College’s Mobile Strategy

  • Engage students with a superior experience
  • Focus on personalized, mobile-appropriate content
  • Simplify student interactions

Nassau Community College’s IT Requirements

  • Integrate with Blackboard LMS and Banner SIS
  • Easily customized features to address specific needs
  • Apple and Android native app

Nassau Community College’s Mobile Partner Requirements

  • Focused on positive student experiences
  • Able to provide student-focused app
  • Able to incorporate personalized notifications

“Our students are digital natives,” says Nassau Community College’s IT Manager Maryam Mizra. “We wanted our mobile app to engage them and give them more options.”

So she and her team began evaluating potential mobile partners. They chose DubLabs — and Mizra explains two reasons why:

  1. “DubLabs strategy stood out. It wasn’t just ‘give them an app for the sake of an app.’ It was to focus on the student experience, and make sure students can get something from the app that’s different from the website or portal.”
  2. “The dashboard in the app is very unique. It gives students everything they need, in one place. That was important to us, because we didn’t want students searching for information. We wanted the information to come to them, and be

personalized for them.”

As the school’s app began to take shape, Mizra and her team worked to set expectations with other departments – focusing primarily on what shouldn’t be part of the app.

“Everybody wanted everything on the website or the portal or anywhere else to be part of the mobile app,” she explains. “We chose which features to include very carefully. We wanted it to be very lean and very clean – to be more personalized to the students’ experience.”

That doesn’t mean the new app is lacking in capabilities. It is integrated with the school’s SIS and LMS, and delivers personalized push notifications, course schedules and grades. It also allows students to check their account for holds, and provides a campus directory, bus schedules and dining menus. The school recently added student email capabilities in response to demand.

The student response has been extraordinary. The app was launched in March 2017, and generated more than 415,000 app activities in less than 3 months.

“More than 45% of the app activities are from students using the Courses module,” said Mizra. “The functions that use integrations from our SIS and LMS are the most popular features.”

What’s more, since launch “there’s been no maintenance at all on our end,” Mizra reports. “The app works beautifully. We don’t have any issues or complaints.”

However, it’s the impact on students that Mizra is most excited about – not surprising given her focus on improving the student experience. “I think the students are more engaged. I really do,” she notes. “They’re subscribing to push notifications, and they’re coming to us with more informed questions because they got a notification. It’s making a big difference.”

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