Using Integrated & Personalized Push Notifications to Better Engage Today’s Students


How would you like to send push notifications to your students when they have a new assignment posted? When their grade is available?  If they have a bill due?

One of the key benefits of native integrations to your SIS, LMS and other systems is being able to deliver personalized, targeted push notifications to students about academics, billing, campus life and more through your campus app.

DubLabs’ push notification feature gives your school a powerful communications tool to better engage today’s mobile first  students – because targeted push notifications are:

  • Personally meaningful – notifications are unique to individual students
  • Timely – students want to know when a new grade becomes available or they have a hold on their account
  • Delivered over the channel your students prefer – mobile is the way to reach today’s students

How do automated push notifications work?

For your IT department, the best feature may be that these notifications are automated. They can be triggered by changes in a student’s data or profile in your Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS) and other enterprise systems, or by scheduled events.

You set the parameters that trigger these notifications and the DubLabs platform does the rest: generating and delivering notifications specific to individual students on their mobile device. A few examples include:

  • A student’s account is put on hold – an important development that can prevent her from registering for classes. The change in account status triggers a notification, delivered to her phone, that tells her about the hold and how to restore her account.
  • A student gets a new course assignment even though he missed the class with the stomach flu. Fortunately he doesn’t miss the assignment  – or jeopardize his grade  – thanks to the notification he received.
  • A student has just received a new offer for financial aid and learns about it immediately. The notification that delivered the good news even included a link so she could accept the offer immediately!

What you can do next…

In the meantime, start thinking about how your school can best use personalized notifications, and how you’ll structure your program to support the strategic goals of your campus mobile app.

Here’s a great place start: an extensive interview with Noah Weiss, a veteran of commercial services like Google® and Foursquare® who’s deeply involved in push notifications.

After summarizing the evolution of notifications, Weiss goes on to outline best practices for their use. Some of the points that stood out to our DubLabs team:

  • Notifications are personal. Users experience them in much the same way as personal SMS texts from family and friends. To be well received in this arena, assure that notifications are personal and relevant.
  • Asking for permission to send notifications is not only good form, it’s technologically necessary for iOS apps – so make sure you ask users’ permission, ideally when they download your app. Beyond the initial permission, be sure you maintain users’ trust.
  • The timing of your messages matters. Weiss recommends against overnight notifications, as they may make wake the user. Think about the time of day that’s most appropriate for each of your triggered notifications.
  • Be clear about what action(s) the user should take as a result of the notification. If appropriate, include links to enable or simplify those actions – and make absolutely certain the links take users to the right place.

Above all, Weiss notes that a great notification must be three things: timely, personal, and actionable. Keep that in mind as you work toward establishing a notification strategy for your school.

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