Introducing the mobile thought leaders in higher education series

Welcome to a new series, “Mobile Thought Leaders in Higher Education.” In the series, you can read how higher education leaders like you have answered pressing questions about how to address the needs of mobile-first students.

Whether the challenge is aligning a mobile initiative with institutional goals or selecting an integration approach, many schools have questions about the best way to develop and implement a mobile-first strategy that engages students to help with retention and performance. This series of videos, articles and case studies highlight the challenges, experience and expertise from a number of leaders in higher education as they implement approaches to using mobile to drive student success. Over the next several months, we’ll continue to introduce new pieces that will educate, entertain and make people think differently about what it means to bring unified mobility to their students and schools.

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Authentically Mobile Experiences: Where do We Go Next with Mobile?

Authentically Mobile at Pellissippi
Watch the video and learn more by watching “Where do we go next with mobile?”

In the first of the series, Audrey Williams, VP of Information Services at Pellissippi State Community College, shares her view on where we go next with mobile. With her experience in developing a robust unified mobile strategy for her school, she shared her thoughts about how  authentically mobile experiences – exploiting capabilities unique to mobile – can improve outcomes for students at Pellissippi State.

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