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October 31 – November 1, 2018
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On-demand webinars

Changing the Student Experience through Campus Mobile App

Hear from Chris Hopkinson, DubLabs’ Chief Strategy Officer, as he discusses how an effective mobile strategy can transform the student experience.

The Angelo State University Mobile Journey

Elaine Beach of Angelo State University shares the school’s experience with launching a fully-integrated mobile solution for their students.

Bridgewater State University: Winning Student Hearts in the Mobile Age

BSU’s campus mobile app is one of the highest rated in the app stores. Hear from CIO Raymond Lefebvre about their strategy and implementation.

Cal State, LA: An Engaging Mobile Strategy

Tosha Pham shares how their mobile solution, natively integrated with Peoplesoft, provides an engaging experience and valuable information to the University’s students.

Kentucky Community Technical College System: 16 Schools and One Mobile App

With 16 schools, more than 70 campuses and over 100,000 students, KCTCS has built and launched one mobile app that provides a unique experience for each student.

UTSA: Launching a Mobile First Strategy

As an early mobile adopter, UTSA has developed great expertise in realizing a mobile-first strategy. Hear from two mobile experts about what it took (and takes) to meet students’ needs.