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Student Success

Our passion is student success.

The biggest mistake made by many schools is to make their goal launching a mobile app. Successful schools know that the goal is to increase student engagement, and mobile is the best channel to reach today’s students. The difference is in the strategy. Students don’t want a mobile app. They want a better way to interact and access important, personalized content.

Mobility is not about going mobile.

Mobile engagement is about the user experience, driving information to your students  rather than simply providing mobile access to web pages.  Students expect an app that sends them information so they don’t have to search for what they need. They don’t want the same web experience they have today on a mobile device.

CSULA Unified Mobile App

Lehman Mobile App

Mobilize everything.

It’s not enough to mobilize one system or one audience. Students, faculty/staff, prospective students, alumni, parents and more want easy access. Courses, campus life, admissions and HR all serve a mobile-centric audience.  

Differentiate your institution with a customizable solution that provides your community the authentically mobile experience they expect.


8 Keys to an effective campus mobile app for student success

See what to consider when developing a mobile strategy that focuses on student success.


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