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Dublabs, LLC
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Unify student mobility to improve engagement, performance and retention.

DubLabs helps bring all your systems together through one mobile solution that focuses on the needs of today’s mobile-first students to increase engagement, performance and retention.

Give students what they need to get out in front of assignments, schedules, activities and more.

Today’s mobile-first students need help getting organized. With the DubLabs Unified Mobility Platform, you can organize student-specific activities and drive personalized content into a user-friendly format to help students succeed.


Unify Mobility with SIS/ERP, LMS and other integrations.

Connect your entire campus through a single user-friendly mobile app. We leverage flexible adapter-based architecture with support for multiple SIS/ERP, LMS, LDAP/AD and other backend systems.


Developing a successful mobile strategy:

Three questions that helped UTSA
build its Unified Mobility strategy:


Does your strategy focus on students first? Creating mobile experiences that organize, engage and deliver content from your SIS, LMS, CRM and SRS is key to achieving student & institutional goals.


Will you meet the mobile needs of all your users? Native apps are used 6x as often as mobile web. Going mobile is about creating engagement, not just being mobile.


Will you require new staff, coding or development work? Your IT staff is buried. Some solutions require your team to do the development work. Do you want to put more work on your team or something you can easily customize without coding?

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